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TVU Channel Plus is FAST. Real FAST.

Create your own 24/7 Free Ad-Supported TV Channel knowing your available commercial time will be sold!

Focus on the content, while TVU Channel Plus grows your revenue.


Sell advertising effortlessly

Choose to have us sell none, some, or all of ads on your Channel for you.
With our dynamic ad insertion, every second of sellable inventory is monetized.

We want to be paying you each month!


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FAST and Easy

Anyone who can operate an online calendar can create, schedule, and playout multi-channel programs in a matter of minutes.

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Stream Everywhere

You can be live on social, web, OTT, or on whatever output platform you choose, all at the same time.


How does it work?

Your content has open commercial time. We automatically insert ads from our partners. Your viewers watch. You get paid!

How much money can I make?

There’s no cap! With a FAST Channel running 24/7 and a thousand viewers an hour, you’ll be counting your monthly earnings. The bigger your reach, the greater your return.

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Risk Free

TVU FAST Channel are fully secured. A hack proof channel management designed to keep your station and streaming safe.
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Analyze your growth

Our monitoring tools help you optimize your revenue stream. As-run logs are auto generated so advertisers know where and when their spots ran.

We’re here

Talk to our team if you have any doubts and learn all the ways TVU Channel can make things easier for you

Learn how to use TVU Channel with these tips

Break into and rejoin programming in TVU Channel

How to break into and rejoin programming

Manage live breaking news and schedule live breaking news segments

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Add SCTE messaging into a program schedule in TVU Channel

How to add SCTE triggers to your program schedule

TVU Channel SCTE messaging is validated by multiple ad insertion groups and can be triggered anytime.

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Create and add schedule templates in TVU Channel

How to create and add schedule templates

Save the day’s programming schedule as a schedule template to use in the future.

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EPG feature in TVU Channel

How to import and export the Programming Guide

Enter programming guide information into your channel in the playout schedule to ensure the most up-to-date data.

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Add a graphic overlay in TVU Channel

How to add a graphic logo overlay

Add a native logo overlay into your program

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Add and execute crawls in TVU Channel

How to add and execute crawls

Learn how to easily include crawls.

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Add programs and video into TVU Channel

How to add pre-recorded programs

TVU Channel makes it simple to import programs and videos into custom channels for scheduled playouts.

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Bring live scheduled sources into TVU Channel

How schedule live events

Import a live, paired stream into your playout schedules, such as TVU Anywhere, RMTP push, and transceivers

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Build templates in TVU Channel

How to build live and recorded program templates

Build a new program template, build a new template for live events, or create a template from an existing file

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Create a TVU Channel

How to create a Channel

TVU Channel makes it simple for anyone to create custom channels for increasingly targeted audiences.

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Repeat and replicate programs in TVU Channel

How to duplicate/repeat programs and program templates

Build a custom repeating TVU Channel playout schedule quickly. Replicate programs from your file list into your monthly/daily schedule.

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Enable Closed Captioning in TVU Channel

How to enable Closed Captioning (CC)

Turning on the TVU Channel Closed Captioning capability enables TVU Transcriber to stay in the video stream.

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Schedule a program in TVU Channel

How to schedule a program

Drag and drop media or a program template into the TVU Channel calendar.

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Channel to air

How to take your channel to Air

Take your channel to “Air” and/or output to a Social Media channel.

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