TVU MediaHub™
Revolutionize your broadcast routing.

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From any location to multiple destinations in diverse formats. A world where broadcast inputs and outputs are limitless and where your content flows seamlessly.


Goodbye Hardware Limits: Embrace Cloud Routing Freedom

Break free from traditional router constraints with TVU MediaHub™. Our cloud-based platform enables boundless inputs and outputs, handling complex signal matrices with ease, from SDI to IP, and everything in between. No more being tied to limited port availability or fixed signal types.

tvu mediahub router encoder decoder inputs outputs signal matrix

Cloud Flexibility.
On-Prem Compatibility.

Your bridge from on-premise to digital media workflows. Connect and route any audio/video/metadata formats easily, seamlessly integrating on-prem assets with cloud routing. This ensures optimal asset utilization, enhancing broadcast without added complexity.

Drag. Drop. Done.
Routing Operations Simplified.

TVU MediaHub™ turns complex routing into simplicity itself. Real time preview. Drag, drop, and it's done. No more tangled hardware routing or cable adjustments. Your router is always on, always ready. Automation effortlessly manages encoding, scaling, and decoding in real time.

IP Routing Realities: Mastering the Orchestration Maze

In broadcasting, the leap from SDI to an ever-expanding array of IP formats brings a new complexity to media workflows. Broadcast controllers, once handling a fixed number of SDI routers, now navigate complex networks of both SDI and IP signals. The growth in devices and signals has outpaced traditional methods, ushering in a need for agile, cloud-based solutions. Understanding this evolving landscape is crucial for harnessing the full potential of IP's flexibility.

Routing and more.


Plan and automate your routing operations in advance, ensuring timely content delivery without the stress of last-minute coordination.


Instantly capture live feeds for archival, review, or rebroadcast, ensuring no important broadcast moment is missed.


Analytics dashboard delivers real-time insights into your routing usage and efficiency. Monitor bandwidth, analyze signal flows, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your network.



Crafted with redundancy at its core, offering backup paths for every signal. In the rare event of a disruption, an alternative path activates immediately, ensuring your video and audio flow remains continuous for non-stop broadcasting.


Step into TVU's universe:
Addressing any media workflow challenges.

TVU MediaHub™ is your gateway to our complete broadcast ecosystem. Bridging digital and on-premises workflows. From AI-powered ingesting, clipping and playout to sophisticated graphics and efficient ad management, our tools address the full spectrum of media supply chain challenges, for a unified and powerful broadcasting experience.

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Flexible Pricing:
Pay as you Go

Choose a cost-effective, high-performance TVU solution that grows with you. Pay for only what you need, with pricing based on inputs/outputs and managed resources
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