Wireless At-Home Live Video Production

TVU Timelock is a part of TVU Networks’ remote production solution offerings. TVU Timelock technology enables multiple TVU Transmitters like a TVU One to synchronize together at a set latency, allowing mobile and wireless At-home/REMI productions without being tethered. Multiple camera crews can roam throughout a production area covering live events and transmit to standard TVU Transceivers, which output synchronized SDI or IP outputs.  TVU TimeLock enables entire remote events to be produced from a control room in a separate location, improving operations and simplifying IP video productions for sportscasters, newscasters and other broadcast teams.

As a cost effective alternative to traditional on-location multi-camera video production, TVU Timelock allows broadcasters in areas such as sports to cover even more events live particularly as rights holders. With minimal equipment requirements and using TVU’s award-winning and proven IP based mobile cellular transmission packs with proprietary IS+ technology, broadcasters are able to freely transmit live from multiple cameras in HD with very low latency from practically any venue. By leveraging the existing infrastructure of the broadcaster’s operations center, production is more easily done with tremendous savings when compared to sending production trucks and personnel for on-site coverage.