Frame accurate, multi-channel production over public internet

A powerful, cost-effective solution for at-home/REMI (Remote Integration Model) production in the broadcast industry. Capture content live at any remote location and produce directly from your studio.

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Cut down costs by leveraging your existing studio infrastructure.

With TVU RPS, there’s no need for traditional methods of production like a costly production truck or large production crews. TVU RPS uses a public high bandwidth Internet connection to synchronize multiple live video sources for remote production.
Broadcast quality sports and live event multi-camera production

Broadcast quality sports and live event multi-camera production.

Regardless of the size and type of your event (a live press conference, talkshow, sports match, music festival or concert, church service and more...) TVU RPS delivers the same high standard as a traditional outside broadcast setup, while reducing the personnel and equipment sent on location. The programme can then subsequently be distributed to audiences across the globe.
TVU RPS Remote Production Solution for at-home broadcast

Secure live transmission over IP.

HEVC / H.265 optimizes data use, and channel priority management allows you to choose which image gets priority in case of a bit-rate drop. Sub-second latency down to 0.5 seconds using public internet.

Perfect multi-channel synchronization to your centralized production studio.

TVU RPS perfectly synchronizes live video feeds from the venue and sends them to your studio for frame-accurate, genlocked live production. Within one single rack unit encoder at the venue and one rack unit decoder at the remote studio, you can connect up to eight live video feeds, send up to six live Full HD transmissions and two high quality video return feeds.

Reliable intercom - communicate with the field for perfect broadcast production.

Supports bi-directional IFB management to ensure effective and seamless communication from any location. TVU’s VOIP intercom solution, TVU Voice, facilitates quick and easy two-way exchange utilizing wireless technology to allow communication between the studio and the field for seamless broadcast production.

Designed for live video remote production and virtual event production

Low latency video return to synchronize studio production and remote teams.

Get high-quality, low latency video feed of the live program from the station via HDMI. Up to two low-latency return video feeds sent from the studio back out to the field to ensure captivating and precise live broadcast content. VLAN tunnels on RPS decoders enable communication between the studio and the field over a private network.

One solution, lots of benefits including cloud compatibility.

Support for return feeds and up to 16 channels of audio per SDI input. Compatible with TVU Producer 3.0, cloud-based video production with broadcast quality video conferencing to produce thousands of live events with no hardware or software installed.

TVU RPS daisy chain.

For production with more than 6 cameras, simply synchronize additional encoders together at the venue.

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