Meet The One.

Compact. Cloud-Ready.
1080p/4K. 0.3s Latency.

The pinnacle in 5G live video transmission for both single and multi-camera setups. Astonishing 0.3s latency for remote news and sports productions. Portable and ready to integrate seamlessly into any media workflows. The new industry standard.

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The One for all your live productions.

4k hdr wireless video transmitter and live streaming encoder for single and multi camera production

Hyper Mobile Broadcasting,
Changing the Game.

The One delivers studio-quality live video transmissions on the run. Extremely portable, it seamlessly synchronizes up to four 1080P/4K HDR sources with perfect frame-accuracy and impeccable stability.

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multicamera 4k live streaming encoder and wireless video transmitter for live sports events

One Broadcast, Dual Win:
Green & Lean.

With One in the field and your crew relying on REMI or cloud production workflows, costs drop dramatically while environmental impact lightens. Move beyond bulky satellite trucks and constant travel to a greener, more cost-effective broadcast future.


We can easily achieve savings of at least 30%,
allowing us to produce a lot more content as well as content we could simply not get access to before.

The Apex of Cellular Bonded Live Video Transmission.

Transmit at the Speed of Thought: 0.3 Seconds Latency.

Dive into an uncharted latency realm of just 0.3 seconds and experience unmatched adaptive stability, regardless of broadcasting challenges.

Empowered by TVU's next-gen Inverse Statmux technology, ISX, the One is simply redefining broadcasting barriers.

Light-speed 5G technology.

Break through the limitations with 6 worldwide 5G modems with LTE/3G fallback, and aggregate together up to 12 connections including Starlink, WiFi, Ethernet, BGAN and more. The One supports up to 125Mbps. Enjoy Unmatched Connectivity.

5G celullar bonding - live video transmitter

Unmatched performance in the world of wireless communication.


The One boasts an innovative 5G MIMO antenna array that guarantees the seamless operation of all built-in 5G modems at peak performance simultaneously. This remarkable feature is complemented by six next-generation 3GPP Release 16 modems, which provide comprehensive support for 5G SA and NSA modes, as well as compatibility with the most widely-used 5G, LTE, and 3G bands across the globe.

Additionally, the One’s dual WiFi modules, equipped with MIMO antennas, ensure top-notch connectivity with local devices and multiple available networks concurrently, delivering unmatched performance and versatility in the world of wireless communication.


Top-tier multi-camera sync.

Employing time-stamping technology and the renowned ISX protocol, TVU Impeccable frame-accurate multi-camera sync and sub-second latency caters to the highest standards of sports broadcasting.

4 channel multicamera sync in 4k live streaming encoder and wireless video transmitter

Ready to take your productions to new heights?

Speak with our team to learn more about how the One can elevate your transmissions, while saving you time and money.

Crafted for the road.

Free of "Charge" - Up to 4 hours of wireless live transmissions.

The One stands alone with its on-board, removable battery. Combine it with our TVU Powerpac, and enjoy up to 4 hours of continuous live broadcast. Swap TVU Powerpac on-the-move for all-day, non-stop coverage.

Just over One Kilo.

Up to 50% smaller than other 5G 4K live video transmitters, the One is simply the market's lightest 5G wireless live video transmitter. With a rugged backpack designed for top-notch shock absorption, it's the ideal partner for off-road live productions.

wireless video transmiter with irl backpack

One touch.

With One, just press "On" for immediate, effortless live production. Setup and file transfers can be handled by remote operators, in real time.

turn on wireless 4k live streaming encoder

One Camera to Four: On Demand.

The One adapts to your changing broadcasting needs. Begin with one live camera using the default TVU One software, and when your coverage expands, a simple remote update to TVU RPS One software connects you to four, with no device swaps or returns. Scale back as needed, ensuring you pay only for what you use.

4 inputs - TVU One V4

Don’t Miss One Beat.
Ultimate Remote Collaboration.

Ensure crystal-clear communication with the Master Control Room, graphics teams, commentators, live guests, and production crew, all within the TVU Cloud environment. Featuring intercom, real-time mix-minus management and direct talkback, the One offers the ultimate Voice over IP experience for remote live production.

4k live streaming encoder collaboration tools mix minus voIP IFB direct talkback

The Power of Two,
Working as One.

The One contributes content to the cloud-native TVU Producer platform for fast digital production, and downstream distribution to digital and SDI endpoints.

Switch to cloud-native or hybrid REMI for compelling live broadcasts at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

REMI and cloud production 4k encoder

ONE Platform to produce it All.

The most complete remote production ecosystem to cover ALL types of events.

Talk to our team of experts to learn more about how the One can seamlessly integrates and elevates your media workflows.

Meet the TVU One live transmitter family.


TVU One TM930

Affordable Live Streaming Transmitter with Robust Features.

  • Aggregates multiple cellular 3G/4G/LTE/5G, WiFi and/or Ethernet data connections
  • Provides flexibility of embedded and external cellular modems
  • Features Inverse StatMux technology for transmission reliability and resiliency
  • Portable form factor for easy go-anywhere use


TVU One V3

Untethered 5G transmissions with HD picture quality with half-second latency at 3Mbps.

  • Compatible with a wide variety of devices and video formats
  • Reliable low-latency, high-quality transmission
  • Support for HLG and 10-bit HDR
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Max bit-rate 100Mb/s
  • 5G supported


TVU One 4K

The first cellular 5G Pack with true 4K 50/60P 10-bit transmission.

  • Compatible with a wide variety of devices and video formats
  • Reliable low-latency, high-quality transmission
  • Support for HLG and 10-bitHDR
  • Encodes up to 10 bit. 4K 50/60P
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Max bit-rate 100Mb/s
  • 5G supported
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