Mobile Live Streaming & Broadcasting App For Multi-Camera Production

Enhance your mobile live streaming capabilities incorporating multi-camera production with the TVU Anywhere broadcasting app

Succeeding With A Multi-Camera Live Streaming App

TVU Networks recently released a new version of its TVU Anywhere mobile live-streaming app that transforms the solution into a live streaming app that can be used for multi-camera production.

Affordable DIY IRL backpack using iPhone or Android mobile devices

Here’s how. Rather than simply serving as the video on-ramp for its TVU Producer cloud-based production solution for live video streaming, the latest version of TVU Anywhere includes two new capabilities that essentially turn TVU Anywhere into a TVU Producer Lite.

This is great because users can have the ability to create professional multi-camera live streams using an app. A production team can have a set of affordable IRL backpacks to transmit live video to be used in TVU Producer or brought together through the TVU Anywhere App itself.

The additions—the ability to host multi-camera live streams directly from a smartphone and the ability to stream to multiple social media sites—transform TVU Anywhere into a true multi-camera live streaming app.


Mobile Live Streaming App For Multi-Camera Production

To produce a multi-camera live stream from the mobile streaming app, TVU Anywhere, users send an invitation to live streaming participants via their smartphones.

Guests simply click on the link in the invitation to the live stream from their smartphones. Doing so puts them in the queue for the host of the live stream to take live.

One or multiple guests can join the stream or be dismissed from the show by the host.

In effect, what this capability does is turn the smartphones of guests into cameras for the multi-camera stream. Using the latest version, the host of the stream is in complete control not only of the content but also of the production of the stream –all directly from his or her smartphone.

While not nearly a fully-featured multi-camera live streaming solution like TVU Producer, the latest version of TVU Anywhere is a powerful alternative for simple streams.

It also is tremendously convenient for guests to use as well as for the host of the stream, who only a few years ago would have had to contract with a production crew to provide remote transmission to accomplish the same thing.


Multistreaming To Multiple Destinations & Social Media Sites

The latest version of TVU Anywhere completes the acquisition-production-distribution cycle with new support for multistreaming to multiple social media sites.

Just as with TVU Producer, before live streaming users set up their social media accounts and know their credentials for each. From within TVU Anywhere, they simply link their app to their social media accounts by entering their credentials for each account and selecting which parameters are most appropriate for their stream and their audience.

Right before going live, TVU Anywhere app users simply select which social media channels they wish to stream to, including Facebook Live, Google Live, Twitch, Instagram and others, and then begin their show.

This is a powerful capability because it removes any complexity producers might otherwise encounter trying to live stream to multiple social media sites at the same time. What’s more, reaching multiple social media sites simultaneously will increase audience size, ensuring more people receive the stream and garnering all of the benefits tied to that.


Live Broadcasting App vs Live Streaming Platform

The ability to live stream multi-camera video to social media sites directly from the live broadcast app, TVU Anywhere, is powerful. But, it’s no replacement for the live streaming platform, TVU Producer, when more ambitious productions are required.

While TVU Anywhere can stream to multiple social media sites and accommodate contributions from multiple guests, it does not offer the production capability commonly found in more sophisticated productions.

There are no provisions for adding titles, playing back pre-recorded segments, integrating effects or mixing audio to name a few.

Live streaming app, broadcast app for mobile streaming

However, there are many times that this level of production is unnecessary and having the ability to live stream directly from within TVU Anywhere is the right solution. Knowing when limited live production from within TVU Anywhere is sufficient is an essential ingredient of succeeding.

While specifics will vary from user to user, here are three overall guideposts to help users determine whether or not multi-camera live streaming from TVU Anywhere is the right choice.


If the need to go live is spur-of-the-moment and there is no time to muster people to produce a stream, going live with TVU Anywhere is the right choice because the producer of the stream and the host of the stream are one in the same person. This makes the mobile live stream setup easy and efficient to make ready in any situation.

The camera needed is ready to go immediately; inviting guests to join from their phones is as fast as sending an email, and control over who is part of the stream at any given moment is the responsibility of the person streaming, meaning there is no waiting around for a third person to invite and manage guests.


TVU Anywhere’s new multi-camera live streaming capability is easy to use. Hosts send invitations to guests. Guests accept, and then the host manages who joins the live stream directly from his or her smartphone, when they join and when they leave the stream.

Inviting guests and accepting invitations is intuitive as is managing guests once they’re connected. There is no additional need for any mobile live streaming equipment to use with TVU Anywhere making it perfect for its easy use.


The cost of these live streams is minimal. Hosts use their own smartphones and smartphone cameras; guests use their own as well. TVU Anywhere is a free download from TVU Networks, and there’s no expense for a remote crew and contribution link.

What About TVU Producer?

None of this is to say that the new version of TVU Anywhere is a replacement for TVU Producer. The cloud-based production solution continues to be the preferred production engine when multi-camera video productions are more sophisticated.

How to setup multiple cameras for live streaming with TVU producer

TVU Producer continues to fuel a breakthrough moment in remote television production when cloud-based alternatives to expensive television production technology are being used to deliver high-quality productions of remote sports and entertainment for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

However, with TVU Anywhere’s new multi-camera support and ability to simulcast, or stream simultaneously, to multiple social media sites will make the mobile broadcasting app quickly become the go-to solution for video producers who need to reach their audiences within moments and want to add guests without adding costs. Look for wide adoption as people begin to realize just what they can do with TVU Anywhere.


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