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How to use the Coordinator room in TVU Remote Commentator

TVU Remote Commentator The event producer or host as the coordinator can use the Coordinator room functions to switch from primary to backup sources, edit the event, and enable an On-air tally to flag when an event is live from the Coordination room main window.

To use the Coordination panel to edit, add, or replace a backup source:

  1. In the Create an event pop-up window, configure your primary input source from the Input and Please Select drop-down menus.
  2. Click the Backup checkbox.
  3. Select another input source from the BKP Input drop-down menu as your backup source.
  4. Select a backup source in the Please Select drop-down menu to replace the primary source.
  5. Click the Save button. The Main window opens.
  6. The Coordination room feature is located in the bottom left panel; you can switch between the primary input source and the backup source by selecting the Backup IN button at the bottom of the Coordination panel.
  7. A “Switch input select successful” message displays at the top of the Main window.
  8. The event producer can enter the Create an event window to edit or change the backup source from the Coordination panel by clicking the Edit button.
  9. The Create an event window can also be accessed by returning to the main Remote Commentator event window, selecting an event, and clicking the Edit button.
  10. Click the Backup checkbox and select another source from the BKP Input drop-down menu and the Please Select drop-down menu.
  11. Click the Backup IN button, then click the Save button to switch to your new backup input selection.

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