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How to lock and rename participants in TVU Partyline

As a host, you can lock and rename participants in TVU Partyline sessions.

Renaming a participant
1. Click the in the bottom-right corner of the participants’ preview window. Then, select Rename from the drop-down menu.
2. The Tag name setting window opens.
3. Enter a tag name in the Tag name field. Then, click

Lock and unlock participant names
The host can Lock or Unlock participant’s names. This feature gives the participant the ability to change their preview name where unlocked.
1. Click in the top-left navigation pane.
2. The View panel opens.
3. Click the Common Party tab and select your Party ID from the list.
4. Click the three dots “” to open the drop-down menu.
5. Select Lock participant name or Unlock participant name. Then, close the window.

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About TVU Partyline

Visit the TVU Partyline page to learn all about how Partyline integrates with TVU Producer and the TVU Anywhere App which provides video conferencing capabilities between multiple participants or remote participants in live production.

TVU Partyline uses TVU’s patented IS+ transmission protocol to ensure broadcast-quality video and audio, as well as signal resiliency throughout a TVU Partyline session over the public internet, regardless of the number of participants.

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