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What is ISO Recording? Does TVU Producer support it?

Using the ISO Recording feature in TVU Producer, you can record each camera source independently of other feeds and the final program output in a live video. ISO recording is very helpful for post-production activities.

In Post Production, Publishers or Studios are constantly looking to package and repackage content not just for TV, but for mobile apps and social media platforms.

– Effortlessly fix live mistakes during postproduction
– Create custom content for social media 
– Add customized graphics to formulate a whole new program 
– Enhance revenue opportunities for your digital asset
– Repurpose and rehash content with clean feeds
– Significantly slash cost and time

Complete the following steps to enable this feature:

  1. Create a new Program or Live show.
  2. Enable “Record Input Source” in the configuration settings.
  3. Start your program or live instance.
  4. The ISO recording is automatically switched ON as soon as the new Producer program is up and running. It records all the ingested sources from the beginning until the end of your live show. ISO recording will stop only when you shut down your producer instance or program.
  5. The Cloud Record menu option within the Workbench can access all cloud recordings.

Complete the following steps to access the ISO recordings and download them:

  1. Go to Producer Workbench.
  2. You will see “Management Center” and “Cloud Record” options.
  3. You will be able to see all the ISO recordings in the “Cloud Record” menu option.
  4. Each ISO recording will be named with the program name, date, and time along with providing details about the Start time and End time of your program instance.
  5. When you click on the global folder, you will see the following 7 folders:
  • Input Source 1
  • Input Source 2
  • Input Source 3
  • Input Source 4
  • Input Source 5
  • Input Source 6
  • PGM Output
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