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How to add a Facebook output in TVU Channel

TVU Channel makes it simple for anyone to take a channel to “Air” and output it to the Facebook Social Media platform.

To output your TVU Channel to Facebook:

  1. To add an output destination, click the Go Live button.
  2. Click +Add to list possible output options, from social media to professional broadcast formats.
  3. Choose the Facebook option.
  4. Enter a descriptive Name for this output, such as “Output_via_Facebook.”
  5. Click the Authenticate button to open a new browser tab and log into Facebook with your account credentials. This allows TVU Channel to post content directly to Facebook.
  6. Set the video Resolution for this output. A higher resolution improves quality but increases network traffic.
  7. Set the Bitrate for your output. The bitrate determines how much networking capacity you are dedicating to the output. A higher bitrate increases network traffic but improves quality.
  8. Select a GOP size and Stream Type.
  9. Type in a descriptive Video Title for your channel content on Facebook.
  10. Enter a Video Description for your channel content.
  11. Click the Save button to finish creating this new Facebook output destination.
  1. Move the slider to the right when your Facebook media displays in the output pop-up window to activate your new output destination.
  2. To change the settings on this output, click on the three-dot icon (…) and click Settings. Change the settings as needed and Save your changes.
  3. To deactivate this output destination, click the slider to the left. It will turn gray to indicate it is deactivated.
  4. To delete this output destination, click the slider to the left to deactivate it. Then click on the three-dot icon (…) and select Delete.

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TVU Channel is a cloud streaming service created by TVU Networks that completely revolutionizes creating, managing, operating, and monetizing a 24/7 digital channel. Using cellular bonding and low latency features, broadcasters & producers alike can manage remote productions and multi-camera live streaming with ease. Our zero infrastructure environment has massively reduced the time, cost, and complexity of creating custom channels. In addition to creating new content channels, many broadcasters use Channel as a backup for their television stations Master Control.

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