TVU Solution Assists CCTV Live Broadcast of the 2023 “Peak Mission” Mount Everest Scientific Expedition

CCTV uses the TVU solution for the third time to live broadcast the summit of Mount Everest.

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On April 28, 2023, the comprehensive scientific expedition and research in the Mount Everest region for the “Peak Mission” officially commenced. The expedition team, led by strategic scientists in relevant fields, consists of five divisions and more than 170 expedition members in 13 groups. The key research areas of the expedition include the interaction and impact of westerly winds and monsoons, changes in the Asian water tower, ecosystems and carbon cycling, human activities, as well as the exploration of rare metal resources.

On May 23, at 3:03 AM, 11 members of the summit team set off from the expedition base camp located at an altitude of 8,300 meters, starting their final ascent to the peak of Mount Everest. Around 12:30 PM, the 13 members of the summit team successfully reached the top of Mount Everest. This summit once again broke through the extremely high-altitude area above 8,000 meters and achieved a significant breakthrough for China’s Everest scientific expedition, following the achievements in 2022.

To allow the national audience to witness this historic moment firsthand, CCTV specially planned a multimedia program titled “Scaling Everest: 2023 Peak Mission Everest Scientific Expedition,” which lasted for 6 hours and live broadcasted the summit of Mount Everest.

For the selection of on-site signal acquisition and transmission solutions, CCTV continued to use the TVU One 5G live broadcast backpack and TVU Anywhere mobile live broadcast solution, which were successfully employed in the live broadcasts of Everest summits in 2020 and 2022. The usage is as follows:

  • The live broadcasting team set up a front studio at the Everest Base Camp located at an altitude of 5,200 meters and deployed an 8K camera equipped with a 2400mm ultra-telephoto lens to capture the summiting process from a distance. The signal from this camera position was downscaled to 2K level through a converter and transmitted back to CCTV’s production center in Beijing via the TVU One live broadcast backpack, providing viewers with a wide-angle live view to remotely observe the panoramic scenes of the climbers gradually ascending Mount Everest.
  • The first-person perspective footage of the summiting team members was captured in real-time using the TVU Anywhere mobile live broadcast application on smartphones and transmitted back to the headquarters in Beijing, presenting viewers with live scenes of the mountain peak and its magnificent views.
Peak mission

Throughout the entire live broadcast, both TVU solutions demonstrated outstanding performance in extreme weather and network conditions, successfully and stably transmitting live footage from the scene back to Beijing. This provided reliable high-quality real-time materials for program production, short video production, and subsequent news coverage.

This is the third successful live broadcast of the challenging Mount Everest summit by CCTV, and the two TVU live broadcast solutions have consistently shown stable performance, achieving a record of “three battles, three victories.” They have provided reliable signal transmission for key camera positions during the live broadcast. At the same time, we are proud to have once again assisted China’s Mount Everest scientific expedition and witnessed this splendid moment!

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