Fabio Hirata Wins TVU Networks' End-of-the-Year Giveaway

Hirata's name was drawn from a record number of entries, and he has won a TVU One portable live video transmitter, one of the company's flagship products.

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Mountain View, CA – TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, announced that Fabio Hirata has been selected as the winner of the end-of-the-year TVU One giveaway. Hirata’s name was drawn from a record number of entries, and he has won a TVU One portable live video transmitter, one of the company’s flagship products.

The TVU One is a compact and lightweight transmitter that enables broadcasters to capture and transmit live video content from anywhere, using cellular, satellite, and other IP networks. It is widely used by news organizations, sports teams, and other content creators around the world.”We’re thrilled to announce that Fabio Hirata is the winner of our end-of-the-year giveaway,” said Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks.

“We received a tremendous response to the contest, with hundreds of entries from around the world. It’s exciting to see the passion and creativity of our users, and we’re grateful for their continued support.”

Hirata, a video producer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, expressed his gratitude for winning the prize.  “Firstly, it will allow me to receive materials without delay, preventing the risk of losing the signal, which is a common occurrence in live broadcasts. Additionally, working together with TVU, I have discovered many things I can do beyond just using the backpack.”

“These days, I am doing live broadcasts for mobile apps, where the app owner conducts a live broadcast within the app and sends it to people who have installed the app on their phones. We can send discounts, promotion information, and product usage instructions to people in these broadcasts. However, we frequently have issues with network connections and cables, which leads to signal loss. With this backpack, we won’t have that problem anymore.”

TVU Networks is a pioneer in live IP video solutions, with a range of products and services that enable broadcasters to capture, transmit, and distribute live video content with unmatched reliability and efficiency. The company’s technology has been used to cover major events such as the Olympics, the World Cup, and the Super Bowl, as well as breaking news events around the world. For more information about TVU Networks and its products, visit www.tvunetworks.com.

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