TVU Cloud-Based Ecosystem Delivers Live Stream of China’s “National Education Summer School” to Science Teachers Across the Country

TVU involved in China’s “National Education Summer School”. The nationwide Modern Science Education training for primary and secondary school teachers needed to be delivered online through the various platforms used across the massive country. The training had to be live with no latency, lag, or lip sync issues.

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TVU Networks, a market leader in cloud and IP-based live video production technology, announced its involvement in China’s “National Education Summer School” (全国科学教育暑期学校). The nationwide Modern Science Education training for primary and secondary school teachers needed to be delivered online through the various platforms used across the massive country. The training had to be live with no latency, lag, or lip sync issues.

Based on TVU’s reputation and their experience with TVU technology, Guangzhou Dianzhong Media Company turned to the TVU Cloud ecosystem to deliver the live broadcast. Professional cameras equipped with the TVU One mobile transmitter captured real-time video and audio as noted academicians lectured on today’s most pressing topics from three different locations.The live video was sent directly to the TVU Producer multi-camera live production platform for directing, audio, graphics, and effects. The video was then instantly encoded, transmitted, and distributed to online platforms all over the country via the Cloud.

“We’re proud that we can provide the low-latency streaming platform and services required for this educational experience in China,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “Viewers around the world expect high-quality video, not just from broadcast studio locations but also from remote locales. We’ve developed next-generation solutions like the TVU One mobile transmitter that can automatically aggregate the best connections available – from anywhere in the world.”

The components of the TVU cloud-based ecosystem work together seamlessly in the most challenging network environments to deliver high-quality, low latency video. TVU Producer enables reliable live streaming of programs without a studio infrastructure.

With its patented sync technology, an entire production team can work from their home office or in the field with nothing more than their laptop and standard internet service. TVU Producer features its own audio mixing panel and live production panel. With TVU Producer, users can create multi-camera live programs in minutes that include live interactions with audiences anywhere in the world and easily manage live remote production without lag.

The TVU One mobile transmitter enhances live action with higher contrast, brighter images, and more vivid colors than any other video transmitter. Its breakthrough HEVC/H.265 encoding hardware chip provides full broadcast quality 4K, 10-bit true 60fps HDR video at bitrates as low as 3 Mbps (or 1080p60 HDR as low as 800 Kbps). The real-time dual encoder simultaneously records a full 4K/HD copy of the live video for later download, and a bi-directional IFB audio feed makes it easy to communicate between studio and field operators with near-zero latency. With a battery life up to 4.5 hours, plus the ability to power or charge any device via USB, USB-C or D-Tap, remote crews have more time to go live, record, communicate, and transfer files.

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