Capital Community Media Relies on TVU for Live Video Broadcast

Capital Community Media Relies on TVU to Transition to Live Video Broadcast for Expanded Community Support

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Capital Community Media (CC:Media) manages three local community access channels in partnership with the local cable company in Salem, Oregon. Dedicated to empowering people to communicate and provide community information through media, CC:Media provides local content, education, and a platform for people who want to hear and be heard by their community through a multimedia center in the greater Salem area. CC:Media utilizes professional video production equipment and facilities for media coverage of local area public events and government meetings.

In 2020, with COVID related safety reasons and restrictions in mind, the Salem-Keizer School District wanted to provide equal video coverage of every high school graduation in the district. They approached CC:Media for assistance in covering multiple school ceremonies taking place over an entire week at an outside football field.

Traditionally, CC:Media would video record all remote events and then return to its studio to broadcast a delayed playback at a later time. However, CC:Media had been considering moving to live video broadcasting for some time and decided it would do so for the high school graduation ceremonies. In order to accomplish this, CC:Media needed to acquire new equipment including portable cellular transmitters capable of high quality live video transmission as backhaul to its studio.

“We tested the TVU One previously at our annual Make Music Day which is a popular live music festival. We had the TVU One live streaming from the main stage of the festival directly to Facebook Live,” explained Grant Bachman, IT & Video Engineer, Capital Community Media. “The great results we experienced at the festival using the TVU One convinced us it was also the right solution for covering the graduation week.”

CC:Media turned to the TVU One bonded cellular mobile transmitter and TVU Transceiver to cover the ceremonies. CC:Media used TVU One’s remote video capabilities in its remote production truck at the football site to send the multi-camera transmissions over the unit’s multiple cellular connections back to the studio where it was switched live to viewers.

CC:Media successfully live covered the remote graduation ceremonies for nine high schools over five days which translated to 79 hours of on-air time across three cable channels. The enormous undertaking required 250 staff-hours throughout the entire week without assistance from volunteers due to COVID restrictions.

“After the success of the high school graduation event, we moved local sports coverage of baseball, football and soccer to the live video model using our TVU One transmitters and TVU Transceivers. The equipment has provided us with a lot more flexibility and the ability to grow our live video coverage efforts,” said Bachman.

CC:Media also appreciated being able to purchase a data plan for their cellular transmitters directly from TVU. This helped to eliminate the need for them to manage the monthly billings from different cell plan network providers, saving time and resources.

“Our community has expressed interest in our providing local breaking news. With TVU One’s mobility, we potentially have the ability to build a news program for live streaming to Facebook,” suggested Bachman.

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