Rights Cleared Pool Feed of First U.S. Presidential Address Offered on TVU MediaSource

Available for Live Broadcast of Full Speech or Clipped for Immediate Social Media Sharing with V/O and Graphic Customization

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – TVU Networks, a market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, today announced the company is providing a rights cleared live pool feed and real time clipping service during U.S. President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress on April 28th. The U.S. president’s first joint address is typically held in February, but extra planning was involved this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and security concerns.

There will be a limited number of lawmakers present during the address because of social distancing requirements, and media access will likely be limited, although the House and Senate press galleries have not finalized those decisions as of today. In addition to attendance restrictions, security will be heightened. Roughly 2,300 National Guard troops remain stationed outside the U.S. Capitol, providing extra security following the events of January 6th.

“This is such a unique and complicated time in U.S. history,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “We worked with our partner FedNet to provide a feed to media organizations who may not have an easy way to access such an important live event. With TVU MediaSource, they can discover useful video footage in real time and create relevant stories of interest to their audience quickly and efficiently. With the AI system in TVU MediaSource, producers are alerted of materials they’re interested in automatically without cumbersome ingest systems or needing staff to monitor the feed.” Local U.S. news outlets will also be able to present to their audience the reactions of their congressional representative during the President’s speech.

The TVU MediaSource feed will be rights enabled for rebroadcast and royalty-free usage and can be purchased for direct live broadcast or clipped in real time, downloaded and shared immediately on social media or used for story production. The raw video will not include any graphics or commentary so broadcasters can add their own comments and lower thirds.

During this January 6th certification of the U.S. Presidential Election results on Capitol Hill, the TVU MediaSource live pool feed and clipping service helped media organizations report the historic moment of certification and cover the Capitol Hill riot as it unfolded in and around the building. By clipping the content in real-time using the cloud-based TVU MediaSource platform, the organizations could instantly share video footage of the days’ events on social media. Live feeds from TVU MediaSource have also been used by broadcasters this year to cover the state of Georgia Senatorial runoff election, the U.S. Presidential Inauguration, the U.S. State of the Union and the Ugandan general election.

TVU MediaSource is a cloud-based platform that lets users access live video clips to build their own news stories. The AI-based TVU Search allows customers to use speech, text, and facial recognition to locate the precise video needed – down to the very frame – in seconds rather than hours manually searching for feeds. Video clips are searchable by keyword and/or name. Users select the segments they want and can easily clip and download them in real-time for immediate sharing on social media or for story production.

Feeds from TVU MediaSource can be purchased on a subscription or on a pay as you go basis. Customers can choose either a flat price subscription to live broadcast the entire speech or clip, pay and download content they want.

Pricing for the entire presidential speech is just $199. Included is the option to clip and download video content at $0.60 per second, with the first 60 seconds free. For customers who prefer a pay-per-use option, clipping and downloading can be purchased for a flat $1.20 per second.

TVU MediaSource is within a new umbrella of services from TVU called MediaServices that includes global rentals and the hiring of camera crews.

To see a step-by-step tutorial on how to use TVU MediaSource, visit https://bit.ly/3v80V4C.

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