TVU Networks & AWS Integration

The demand for more content is ceaseless. TVU Networks, together with AWS, doesn't just answer this call. We're shaping the future of it.

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Beyond live production
One platform to do it all

From acquisition and production to distribution, playout, and monetization, TVU’s cloud solutions powered by AWS redefine the media supply chain, allowing to produce more live events, while reducing production costs and carbon footprint.

Leveraging AWS to maximize performance and minimize our client costs


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Always On Air

AWS’s unrivaled global infrastructure guarantees consistent reliability, ensuring our solutions are always on air and maximizing engagement.


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Scalability & Flexibility

AWS offers unmatched scalability and flexibility, vital to meeting the ever-evolving industry demands.

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Faster Deployment

TVU’s cloud platform is built on AWS using a strong microservices design. This allows for faster development, quick deployment, and top-notch performance.

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With AWS, we deliver unparalleled performance to our clients without breaking the bank.




We envision a media landscape where companies produce more content seamlessly through digital innovation. Our dynamic partnership with AWS, coupled with our unique microservices approach, ensures bespoke, efficient solutions every time.

Media and Entertainment Applications Boosted by TVU & AWS Integration

TVU's cloud platform reliably processes millions of live stream hours

By using AWS's Elastic Container Services for content transcoding and search. We utilize Amazon Cloudfront, S3, and RDS for secured, optimal content delivery and storage, while Amazon Rekognition enhances our AI-driven media production capabilities.


We supported hundreds of live participants. Everything was so seamless. It was also a very cost-effective way for us to connect so many people with just a single, cloud-based platform. It was just amazing.

Explore Further - TVU Search powered by AWS transforms content discovery

Dive into our blog to see a real-world application of TVU Search, powered by AWS, saving hours in content discovery and live production. Uncover how AI and cloud integration streamlines story creation like never before.

TVU Search

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