Enterprise video platforms for live broadcasting

For years, live broadcasts were relegated mainly to news, special events and sports. This held true until the proliferation of high-speed internet made broadcasting and consuming live video more accessible. Now, in addition to news, special events, and sports, millions of viewers are continuously consuming a wide variety of live content—ranging from live social streams to highly produced events like conferences and concerts. 

TVU Partyline prices for video conferences and events
Live broadcast with unlimited employees participating from any location

While live broadcasting was becoming more prevalent among non-traditional sources, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the industry almost overnight. Companies began scrambling to find ways to broadcast live to customers, clients, and employees. At the same time, media organizations and other long-term live broadcasters were dealing with emerging channels, shifting audiences, and other challenges. Regardless of the type, any enterprise looking to take their live broadcasting to the next level needs to have a true enterprise video platform rather than rely on consumer-focused platforms like YouTube.


Enterprise video platforms can serve the needs of corporate brands

Enterprise video platforms can serve the needs of corporate brands looking to produce and distribute recorded content across multiple channels, global media companies live streaming on multiple channels, and anything in between. Determining which live broadcasting solutions fit an organization’s needs depends on the scale of their productions, the control they wish to have over the video, integration and distribution needs, their workflow, and resources. This guide will focus on how the suite of TVU Live Broadcasting solutions can meet all needs within this spectrum. 


Multi-camera live streaming from a web browser

Enterprises looking to live stream from multiple cameras and reduce their hardware footprint should consider TVU Producer—a cloud-based broadcast production solution. TVU Producer can be up and running in minutes using video from smartphones or professional cameras. Production can safely and securely be managed in the cloud from anywhere. This solution is a great option for organizations, companies, and venues looking to live stream services, town halls, conferences, or other events. TVU Producer makes for a great entry-level solution for enterprise live broadcasting.

Combining TVU Producer live production platform with TVU Partyline to broadcast employees live from any location

Live broadcasting for TV and digital

If an enterprise is looking to take its show on the road with remote broadcasting, TVU’s Remote Production System (RPS) is robust hardware capable of replacing traditional vehicle-based setups. TVU RPS is an encoder/decoder capable of capturing and transmitting professional quality video from up to six cameras per RPS unit. With IP bundling of up to 12 internet connections and the ability to daisy chain multiple units together, TVU RPS empowers enterprises to deliver perfectly synced video from multiple remote cameras back to a main production studio or into the cloud for production by TVU Producer. Further integration with the suite of TVU remote solutions make TVU RPS ideal for the remote production of live sporting events, concerts, festivals, etc

Remote Production solution REMI- video over IP
TVU RPS allows to do broadcast quality production with SDI output

Create your Enterprise 24/7 Live Channel

Need to blend recorded and live content into an always-on channel? TVU Channel enables enterprises to create their own free, ad-supported television (FAST) channel. Another cloud-native solution, TVU Channel integrates effortlessly with other TVU solutions and allows one (or many) users to manage a 24/7 channel—including the capability to schedule recorded content, break in with live content, apply production overlays, insert advertisements to monetize, and syndicate to multiple digital channels. Media companies, studios, universities, and enterprises with a high volume of video content may find TVU Channel to be a great way to manage and monetize their content, whether it be a single channel on their website or a host of channels for their various networks or business units.

Fast Channel and Cloud Playout to launch 24/7 linear channel for free - broadcast
Set up a live channel from a web browser in minutes and stream it to all media platforms

Media Search Engine for Enterprise

Conducting and recording live broadcasts is where many enterprises stop, but for those looking to optimize, organize, clip, and repackage content, there’s TVU Search. In media, speed-to-air is still important, but anyone who’s ever edited video packages together knows how time-consuming and resource intensive it can be. Properly tagging and applying metadata on first use is critical—as is a search engine that can source content intelligently. TVU Search leverages speech-to-text, facial recognition, simple clipping capabilities, and artificial intelligence (AI) to apply metadata on ingest, source and clip content efficiently, and analyze usage. For media organizations and other enterprises that need complete visibility across all their video (live or recorded) in order to reuse, analyze, and optimize, TVU Search can be a vital tool in their live broadcasting arsenal.

Live Video Search - TVU Search Pricing
Browse your library of recorded and live video in seconds using TVU Search

Live broadcast using A.I.

Finally, for live broadcasters who want ultra-efficiency provided by an AI solution that listens, sources, and recommends video usage based on trends, needs, and rules, TVU MediaMind takes video content management to new levels. Capable of producing real-time transcripts, frame-by-frame metadata, and AI-powered content management, TVU MediaMind is capable of compressing a workflow that used to take hours (if not days) into mere moments—saving time and costs while executing on tasks that human resources simply can’t do as proficiently. Media outlets leveraging TVU MediaMind can not only be first, they can also be extremely relevant and accurate thanks to the power of AI.



Enterprise live broadcasting solutions can be as simple as an organization using cloud-based production software to live stream their events to their website and social media channels, or as complex as a media network orchestrating numerous remote and studio live broadcasts across multiple channels and leveraging AI to orchestrate near-real-time video reuse. Regardless of the scale, TVU has powerful, secure solutions to satisfy the range of enterprise video platform needs.


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