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With empty sports venues and cancelled games, you need fast and cost effective ways to generate live video content and also repurpose archival content to stay connected with fans during this challenging time. TVU’s AI and cloud-based workflow solutions for media content can help.

  • TVU Anywhere app transmits simultaneously to SDI and digital, broadcast-quality live video using 3G/4G-LTE and WiFi aggregation.
  • TVU Producer delivers high quality live video production without hardware, software or training. Reach your fans on social media platforms such as Facebook Live, CDNs and your websites.
  • TVU Talkshow makes fans a part of your remote production show with caller queuing and live interaction with fans using their mobile device to dial-in.
  • TVU MediaMind uses AI to help you quickly and automatically locate the exact content you need from your archives to produce a story for any audience.

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  • TVU Anywhere app - Engage fans remotely

    Bring fans to your live show from their home using their smartphones with impeccable live streaming quality. Switch between unlimited participants interacting between themselves and your show, all within your control. Fans use a QR code to pair their mobile device and you activate, deactivate or set a time period of validity for accounts.

    Learn more - TVU Anywhere app
  • TVU Producer - Easy professional video production at-home

    TVU Producer is a cloud-based live production service that runs on an ordinary web browser and is so easy to use, it requires no training. It’s accessible from anywhere with a standard Internet connection. With Producer, you can add, remove and switch between video sources, manipulate multiple graphics overlays and take an entirely produced video stream live. It supports live streaming directly to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope and your website

    Learn More - TVU Producer
  • TVU Talkshow - All-in-one remote production for audience participation

    Interact with your fans with cloud-based live event production that allows for live audience participation using video. TVU Talkshow has a number of customizable component parts including a caller management system for the pre-screening of callers and enabled bidirectional communication between hosts and callers as well as production crews and camera operators. Callers participate by calling in using a free mobile app for smart devices.

    Learn More - TVU Talkshow
  • TVU MediaMind - AI and cloud based story-centric workflow

    Dramatically reduce the time needed to search, find and clip video content for story production. TVU MediaMind’s AI based search engine can index all media content from the start of the video production process. It uses advanced voice and object recognition technology to locate and index down to the precise frame within live video clips. Production staff can now automatically locate the exact needed content to produce a story for any specific audience.

    Learn More - TVU MediaMind Appliance
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