How to use TVU Partyline for remote collaboration and conferencing for live video production

Use TVU Partyline to host a common party using a Chrome browser on a PC or Mac. Participate in the party using your iPhone or Android device and the TVU Anywhere app.

To initiate a common TVU Partyline session as a host, complete the following steps:
1. Open a browser window (Chrome is recommended) and enter
2. Click the Start Party button.
3. Log in to Partyline with your TVU Producer credentials. Then, click Next.
4. Click Start a Common Party to initiate a new Partyline session as a host.
5. To rename your party, click the Common Party tab to locate your session in the left panel. Then, click the ‘‘ and change the name.

To add participants to your Partyline session, complete the following steps:
1. Click Copy at the top of the browser window. This function will copy the session ID for your participants to use.
2. Paste the session ID into an e-mail and send it to all of your remote participants. Instruct your participants to open a browser window and paste the ID into the address field to join the party.
3. The host can share his/her screen if needed by clicking the Share Screen button at the top right of the window. To stop sharing, click the Stop sharing button at the bottom of the screen. Participants also have the option to share their screen during the session, one user at a time.
4. The host and participants are allowed to edit their names if desired by clicking their window.
5. Participants are prompted to activate their video camera and microphone as soon as they join the call.

Hosting rules:
– The host creates the Partyline session.
– The host and co-host can view Live feed and audio.
– The host is able to hear or view the participants.
– Guest access:  People participating in a discussion session.  They can watch the program feed and other guests’ feeds, as well as hear them.
– Crew: People who can talk to any of the participants for the production.
– Commentator: A person who directs the audio commentator to a show or game production and mentions the advanced Partyline features.
– The host can allow a guest to view the main feed from the Live production show in Partyline and TVU Producer from a TVU receiver.
– The host can route a guest or participant to go Live on a Talk Show.

NOTE: TVU Partyline integrates seamlessly across the TVU Ecosystem and any SDI-based production system.

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About TVU Partyline

Visit TVU Partyline page to learn all the capabilities of this cloud video conferencing platform. 

Broadcast quality video conferencing made easy for even the most inexperienced users. Bring all remote production elements – personnel, talent and tools – together, seamlessly, in real time, to allow live audience interaction and behind the scene team collaboration with mix minus feed delivered on program output back to the remote talents. Move your physical studio to a virtual studio with TVU Partyline.

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