How to join a TVU One HotSpot using the TVU Anywhere mobile broadcast app.

Join a TVU One HotSpot using the TVU Anywhere app.

1. Download the TVU Anywhere app.
2. From the TVU One you wish to connect to, tap the screen and swipe down.
3. Tap the screen and swipe to the left to navigate to the QR code .
4. Open your TVU Anywhere app. Then, Press the Scan icon  in the receiver bar.
5. Enter the optional information in the two top fields if desired. Then, press Next.
6. The Scan screen displays. Press the Scan Icon at the bottom of the scan screen.
7. Align the Token QR code inside of the green frame. After the app reads the QR code, a “TVU Anywhere” Wants to Join Wi-Fi Network “TVUPACK_xxxx”? message displays.
8. Press Join. You are now connected. The device configuration page displays.

NOTE: You can also access the TVU Pack configuration page by opening a web browser and entering in the address bar.

Watch our Youtube Tutorials

You can view more in depth video tutorials of our TVU Anywhere app. on our Youtube channel.


About TVU Anywhere app.

Visit TVU Anywhere page to learn all the capabilities of this mobile live broadcast app for live video transmission using cellular bonding technology and HEVC encoding.

TVU Anywhere is used by hundred of media organisations and mobile journalists to transmit live news and sports in a flexible and scalable way.  It also allows to safely live stream professional content remotely.

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