TVU Partyline™ brings audience interaction to SBT’s Teleton in Brazil

“Much more than a videoconferencing system, TVU PartylineTM incorporates essential features for a broadcast production. Its participant management interface is a fundamental part of this production process.”

Roberto Takeda, Operational Technical Management, SBT

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SBT (Brazilian Television System), a Silvio Santos Group company, is one of the main broadcasters in Brazil. For over 35 years, SBT has been broadcasting their programming in a wide variety of television genres and has a wide audience base. It has one hundred and fourteen affiliates and six thousand employees spread across Brazil that bring quality news and guaranteed fun to viewers.


CIS Group is an integrator, based in Brazil, with extensive experience in solution design and architecture, with an emphasis on IP solutions. CIS Group proposed to SBT to use TVU solutions to develop one of the channel’s most ambitious production projects in 2020.


Brazilian television Teleton is annually shown around the end of October and beginning of November for about twenty six hours by SBT on behalf of the Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD). 

In its twenty six hours, special reports on the work done by the AACD, accountability, renowned artists and musical attractions are presented to the public directly from the SBT studios at the Anhanguera Complex, live, for all of Brazil. One of the purposes of Teleton is the union of several communication vehicles, including TV, radio, magazines, internet, etc. 

Due to COVID-19 pandemic SBT was unable to have a live studio audience this year and had to find a way to connect with virtual audiences. They wanted a solution that was simple and easily scalable and something that could bring the excitement of a live audience in a virtual set up.


SBT, thanks to the close relationship with CIS Group -representative of TVU Networks in Brazil- approached TVU Networks with the challenge. Technical teams from SBT, CIS, and TVU assessed the situation and came up with TVU Partyline™, which enables real-time cloud-based, broadcast-quality collaboration and virtual interaction for team members, talent, and viewers who contribute in different locations.

TVU Partyline™ was easily and quickly implemented and was able to connect audiences from different geographies virtually, showcasing their reactions and bringing in the excitement on the set for hours. The hosts could also communicate directly with each participant and the participants could also get the return audio and video feeds directly on their mobile phones without any glitch.

« We are proud to have successfully completed this important event, which once again reflects the versatility and efficiency of TVU solutions and our ability to work as a team, together with our CIS Group allies and users such as SBT »

Rafael Castillo, VP and general manager of TVU Networks for Europe and Latin America

“We are happy to contribute to the enrichment of Teleton 2020 using the virtual audience system TVU Partyline™, once again demonstrating the successful partnership between SBT, TVU and CIS Group,” said Felipe Andrade, Sales Director at CIS Group.

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