TVU Remote Production Solutions Brings Live Reality Show to Viewers

TVU Anywhere mobile app helps Paik Father reality cooking show deliver virtual audience interactivity and engagement.

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Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) is a leading TV and radio network and the second largest terrestrial broadcaster in South Korea. MBC produces a weekly live cooking show titled Paik Father : Don’t Stop Cooking. The show is named after Paik, a well-known entertainment personality in South Korea.

The popular virtual program reaches home audiences globally and is produced remotely using TVU’s live video production solutions. Different home cooks each week participate in the show by using the TVU Anywhere mobile app on their smartphone or laptop and web browser to live broadcast using cellular with or without WiFi from their kitchen or other location to the TV studio where the remote show is hosted.

TVU Anywhere set up for the show participants is simple – the user just downloads the app, clicks on a QR code or enters a provided URL and goes live. Show participants use the Return Video Feed (VFB) feature integrated in TVU Anywhere for picture-in-picture video preview of the host and the program together on the screen. For audio, participants can have two-way conversations with Paik using Anywhere’s integrated Voice Over IP (VoIP).

At the studio, Paik is able to view all of the TVU Anywhere feeds and interact directly with the cooks no matter where in the world they are streaming. The show producers rely on a single TVU Transceiver, TVU’s edge device for viewing, managing and sharing all video content using IP, to decode all of the video feeds and to also distribute the live program to viewers on television, social media and CDNs. The producers can monitor and manage all of the live TVU Anywhere feeds using the integrated TVU Command Center web interface.

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