How to Succeed with Free Ad-Supported TV

Free Ad-Supported TV is an opportunity that video creators, producers, and youtubers can take advantage of and benefit. For the first time independent creators have a way to get their video content in front of the eyes of the masses and generate revenue. Here we will show you how you can succeed with your FAST […]

Playout Software vs Cloud-Based Playout

Broadcast was once pretty much the exclusive domain of professionals. Yet, as with everything, the status quo doesn’t stay the status quo for too long. Many tech advancements have contributed to a tidal wave of new TV and OTT channels.

Live Shopping And Its Benefits In e-Commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated growth in U.S. e-commerce shopping, increasing its total slice of the retail pie to 19 percent, a percentage not expected till sometime around 2023 based, a prominent sector researcher said in a January 2021 article on The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated growth in U.S. e-commerce shopping, increasing its total slice of […]

How To Build Live Video Streaming Into Your App With Our TVU Anywhere SDK

To a TV station, user-generated content once meant a pretty picture of a sunset or video of a gentle snowfall. But those days are long gone. With most everyone carrying around an HD video camera or better in their pockets or purses, it’s possible for viewers to play a significant newsgathering role. Not only are […]

Why Cloud-based Production Makes Sense in Broadcasting

The mantra in television production for at least the past two decades has been “optimize workflow efficiency.” Whether in TV news, sports production or entertainment, broadcasters have exploited a series of newly developed technologies in pursuit of greater workflow efficiency, lower costs, a better end product and greater flexibility in how production staff are used. […]

What Is Live Event Production?

Flip the channels on any given day of the week, especially on weekends, and you’re going to see some broadcaster somewhere producing a live event. It could be a live news conference, a live sporting event, a concert, an awards show or any other event happening while you’re watching at home. (Technically, there is a […]

The Promise of 5G And How It Is Changing IP Video Contribution

It seems impossible to turn on the television, go online or pick up a magazine and not see a commercial or news story about 5G. The general public is being told to expect faster download speeds, especially when it comes to music and movies. Typical is an October 2018 story in PC magazine online by […]

Why Remote Commentator Is Right For Sports Rightsholders

The outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent declaration of a pandemic in March 2020 forced changes on sports and television few could have imagined were possible. Cancellation of March Madness, postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, sequestered tournament play and stands filled with a range of virtual fans—from cardboard cutouts to video images streamed […]

TVU Remote Commentator Offers Mobile Facilities Companies New Opportunities

The aphorism “necessity is the mother of invention” best describes what will be the lasting effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on TV production workflows, especially remote workflows. Television production of live sporting events came to a halt in spring 2020 due to the pandemic, leaving massive holes in programming schedules and grounded many of the […]

Why Live Streaming Makes Sense For Houses of Worship

The word “congregation” is rooted in Latin, the operative part being “greg,” which means “group” or “flock.” Hence, we have words like “aggregate,” “segregate,” “gregarious” and “congregate.” Paired with the Latin “con,” meaning “with,” it’s easy to comprehend the word—coming together with other people in a group or flock. Unfortunately for churches, temples, mosques and […]

Five Reasons Remote Calls and Comments Makes Sense

Many words have been written in this space over the past year about why multicamera productions leveraging the cloud and a REMI (remote integration model) production strategy make sense for TV producers, especially as a way to respect social distancing guidance and protect the health of staff. But there’s more to TV than how cameras […]

Why A Remote Collaboration-Based Workflow Makes Sense In Broadcasting

Live television production is a collaborative process much in the same way that orchestral music is collaborative. Both bring together multiple people with specific talents working in harmony to produce captivating entertainment experiences for their respective audiences. Until the past year, most live TV productions were done onsite at a sporting or entertainment event venue. […]

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