The lightest, most versatile live video transmitter in the market. The only One that supports both single and multicamera, and REMI production and cloud production in a single portable unit. Maximum portability and performance for any multi-camera live broadcast such as sports, news, events, and concerts.

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TVU Cloud

클라우드 방송 및 라이브 스트리밍 솔루션. End-to-end media platform in the cloud: Capture, Transmit, Ingest, Produce, Store, Distribute and Monetize, all in the cloud. Custom solutions for news, sports, live events and more. The most complete broadcast solutions to transform your media supply chain to digital.



REMI 제작 및 클라우드 제작을 위해 단일 휴대용 장치와 유일한 솔루션입니다. 스포츠, 뉴스, 이벤트 및 콘서트와 같은 모든 멀티 카메라 라이브 방송을 위해 최고의 휴대성과 성능을 제공합니다.

TVU Replay

Instant Replay System For Sports Video Review | TVU Replay. Create fully synchronized multi-camera instant replays for sports & official video reviews with this handheld wireless replay solution.

TVU Channel

TVU Anywhere

Broadcast Live With Your Mobile Smart Device Designed to turn your portable smart device or laptop instantly into a transmitter, TVU Anywhere is a powerful app for capturing and streaming live video from anywhere, delivering picture quality usually reserved for more expensive professional video equipment. TVU Anywhere is easy to use – just download the […]

TVU Remote Commentator

TVU Remote Commentator

TVU Talkshow

TVU Router

Incredible Internet Anywhere TVU Router is a portable broadband Internet access point that can provide up to 4Gbps of secure, reliable, high-speed and untethered Internet connectivity anytime and anywhere wirelessly. With Router, users can transfer and receive files, stream video, search the web, or utilize any IP connected device or service to pass data. It […]

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