TVU Networks Expands Sales and Support Presence throughout Latin America

TVU MediaMind Platform to Make Latin American Debut at SET Expo in Sao Paulo

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA– August 21, 2018 – TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP solutions, today announced the company is expanding its team in Latin America following the appointment of Rafael Castillo as General Manager, Latin America, last May.

Castillo will lead the new team, comprised of: Edgar Chavez, Regional Manager, Mexico and Central America; Ludwyng Cuervo, Regional Manager, Andean Region and Caribbean; and Mateus Domingues, Solutions Architect, Latin America. All three are experienced engineers. Together they will offer sales and local area support for the entire TVU product portfolio to Latin American broadcasters.

“Latin America provides significant opportunities for our company,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “We’ve always been very active in this region. Now, we’ve got an excellent team in place, with local focus, who know the technology and the needs of our customers. They will elevate the level of communication with our current customers as well as outreach to those considering TVU. This new regional support is a further reflection of our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers wherever they may be – today and into the future.”

Chavez, who has a specialization in Telecommunications, began his career as a support engineer for various resellers, focusing on brands such as Miranda, FOR-A, and Volicon. He’s worked in sales and business development for companies such as: Excelencia en Comunicaciones y Tecnología, Telefonica Media Networks and Bitcentral.

Cuervo joins TVU with over 15 years in the broadcast market. He participated in the development and implementation of projects associated with the digital TV transition in Colombia. Most recently, Cuervo led the technical and sales departments at Istronyc Comunicaciones. Before that, he worked for RCN and Caracol Television.

Domingues comes to TVU after 10 years in the broadcast industry, largely in support and pre-sales. While at Brazilian resellers AVICOM and Alliance Technologies, he supported companies such as Ericsson, Bridge Technologies, Ross Video and Riedel Communications.

The three join Castillo and Claudio Frugus, TVU sales director for Brazil, just in time for TVU’s participation at the 2018 SET Expo in Sao Paulo from August 28-30.  TVU Networks will showcase its innovative video-over-IP technology offerings at SET, including the new MediaMind platform being shown for the first time in Brazil. TVU Networks will exhibit in booth #18 during SET Expo, held at the Expo Center Norte Red Pavilion and Convention Center.

“SET Expo is the largest event in the Latin American market, and it attracts top-quality creatives and technical personnel involved in each aspect of the production chain,” said Rafael Castillo, VP and General Manager, TVU Networks Latin America. “SET Expo is a key show for us because we have a solid and growing base of customers throughout Latin America. I’m particularly eager to show our current and prospective broadcast customers what our new MediaMind and remote production solutions can do for them.”

TVU Networks products will have its full portfolio on display at SET Expo, including its cloud-based in-studio and intuitive remote production systems.

For broadcast video workflows:

TVU MediaMind enables the customization of content for individual audiences for TV news broadcasters by automating video production and distribution.  MediaMind allows media companies to tailor raw video to viewers on specific social media platforms, cell phones, streaming channels, and TV. Archived footage can be repurposed as an asset, complete with searchable metadata. Existing TVU customers can quickly utilize the benefits of TVU MediaMind, such as a real-time search engine for all media assets.

TVU MediaMind consists of TVU Contribution Automation, TVU AI Engine, TVU Real Time Search Engine, TVU Workflow Engine and TVU Producer. From the start of the video production process, all video is immediately indexed based on its metadata by TVU MediaMind’s AI real-time search engine. Using an entirely cloud-based model complete with voice and object recognition, live and pre-produced video clips are located and indexed down to the exact frame and can be shared instantly. MediaMind automates the ability for different production groups to find the content.

The TVU AI Engine can be enabled with tens of thousands of TVU Transceivers deployed around the world.

A real-time speech-to-text transcribing service, TVU Transcribercan be used by broadcasters worldwide to help meet full legal compliance requirements and prevent profanity with audio muting. The service also provides the option to output text to a file format from an audio input source or embed text into a video stream for closed or open captioning. TVU Transcriber has a high degree of accuracy and supports multiple languages.

TVU Grid provides stations with the ability to route live video streams with as low as a half-second delay over IP networks to one or more Grid-enabled news stations anywhere in the world. Stations can take any video source, whether it be an SDI feed, IP video camera, Internet video, or a TVU transmitter and distribute the live video stream to any number of locations with sub-second latency. TVU Grid’s simple to use interface gives users control over the switching and routing of video streams from anywhere on a network of Grid-enabled locations.

TVU transmitters are the primary hardware component of TVU Grid, enabling stations to share video in real-time. The TVU Transceiver is a custom-built appliance that sits in each station and connects to Grid via a standard broadband internet connection. Stations can input video from any source to the Transceiver, whether it be from other stations connected to the Grid, from a TVU transmitter, from any online video feed or from another SDI source in the station.

Video demo of TVU Grid:

Working within the TVU Grid ecosystem, the TVU Grid Market gives users the ability to exchange, share, and sell video content using the Grid infrastructure. Participants view video sources that are available globally, and then request to take a stream and make it available for their own viewing audience. The entire process of transferring a selected video source is automated with minimal delay from source to destination.

In the field:

TVU Remote Production Systems include: TVU RPS, TVU Producer and TVU Timelock. Offering frame-accurate synchronization over the public internet, TVU’s remote production solutions remove the requirement for an OB truck and dedicated circuits, making coverage simpler and more cost-effective for live event broadcasters, such as news and sports producers.

TVU RPS is a frame-accurate, cost-effective alternative for live synchronized multi-camera remote television coverage, using a broadcaster’s existing studio control room staff and equipment and a public Internet connection from the field. Mostly used to cover sport events globally, it also benefits news broadcasters who have used it to cover national elections. The TVU RPS transmitter encodes up to six synchronized SDI sources and transmits high quality and low latency IP video to a remote studio based TVU RPS receiver.

TVU Producer is a cloud-based multi-camera remote production solution with seamless switch and features such as graphics and video replay. Capable of professional quality production, no hardware or software installation, and yet thanks to its simple WYSIWYG user interface it can be used by operators with virtually no experience or training. The minimum solution requirement is internet access and a smartphone. With a multi-channel IP video switcher and simultaneous output to social media, including Facebook Live, Periscope Producer and YouTube Live as well as most CDNs.

TVU Timelock provides wireless remote production for broadcasters that already own multiple TVU Transmitters such as a TVU One, synchronizing their signal. As a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-location multi-camera video production, TVU Timelock allows broadcasters to cover many more live events.

TVU Router provides high speed wireless Internet access up to 200Mbps and acts as a network accelerator to deliver incredible Internet anywhere. Featuring the company’s proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) and data transmission technology, TVU Router delivers highly reliable best-in-class high-speed Internet connectivity from any location. When traditional wired access is unavailable, TVU Router solves this challenge by providing access.

For a single camera shoot:

With the compact TVU One, large and small broadcasters of live video can fully leverage the versatility of a lightweight, IP-based high-definition video field transmitter without sacrificing performance, features or picture quality. It uses the newer HEVC/H.265 video compression standard for greater efficiency in data management, resulting in less overhead and data use. Combined with TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus technology, unsurpassed HD picture quality is delivered at sub-second latency over cellular 3G/4G/LTE modems even when transmitting in a moving vehicle traveling at over 60mph/100kph. TVU One integrates with major social media platforms, allowing broadcasters to transmit live video directly via Facebook, YouTube and others.

TVU Anywhere is an app for Apple iOS and Android that instantly turns a smart device into a live video transmitter by using the device’s cellular and WiFi connections to transmit live to the studio. TVU Anywhere is frequently used by sports production companies to film athlete interviews with just a tripod and a smartphone, with the capability of remote controlling pan, tilt, zoom and exposure functions from the studio – avoiding the need for on-site crew.

Powered by IS+, TVU’s innovative proprietary transmission algorithm, TVU transmitters can simultaneously aggregate any combination of bandwidth mediums including cellular 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite, microwave, microwave mesh and BGAN to deliver a reliable broadcast picture with sub-second latency.

About TVU Networks®

TVU Networks® is a technology and market leader in IP-based live video solutions. TVU’s solutions help transform broadcasters’ SDI-based operations – which include acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution and management – to an IP-based infrastructure. TVU® serves customers of all sizes in more than 85 countries from industries that include news broadcast, web streaming, law enforcement, sports, corporate and government. In broadcast markets around the world including the USA, China and other major economic powers, TVU® is the dominant market leader with a large majority of all news broadcast stations using its IP video solutions. Using its proprietary IS+ technology, TVU’s uplink solutions use any combination of cellular, satellite, microwave, WiFi and Ethernet IP connections to deliver live HD video from practically any location.