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How to use the TVU Command Center mobile App. For iOS

TVU Command Center allows you to monitor and control all your TVU solutions from a cloud-based centralized platform. Now, with the TVU CC App, you can do it from your iPhone. Learn how here:

1. Download the TVU CC App from the iPhone App Store.
2. Open the TVU CC App.
3. Log in to the App. using your Command Center credentials.
4. Your TVU Anywhere, TVU One, packs, Grid, and external video sources display in the App.
5. The sources are presented in the order that you choose.
6. To change the order, tap the  icon at the top of the App. to open the source display details and options:

a. Swipe the menu from left to right to choose the order you want your sources to display.
b. In the Select All menu, select your sources.
c. Tap Type to display the devices you want to show.
d. Tap Status to choose and display desired devices by their status.
e. Tap Bookmark to Bookmark selections.
f. Tap Sort by to sort by source name.
g. Click   to save your selections.
h. Click  to take an online source live. Then, choose a receiver from the pop-up menu.
i. The Take displays green  when live.
j. To stop a live source, click .

7. To view the live transmission details, tap the  icon.
8. To stop a video transmission from the details screen and choose another receiver, click  and select another receiver.
9. To change the Delay and Bitrate, use the appropriate sliders.
10. To perform remote configuration on a Pack source, tap    at the bottom of the App. The hotspot configuration page displays.
11. To create a VoIP connection, click  . When VoIP is connected, the icon displays as .
12. Click   to view the source PeerID and location details.

NOTE: The Command Center App. is supported on the following Apple devices: iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and iPad Pro 3rd and 4th generations.

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About TVU Command Center Mobile app.

Visit the TVU Command Center page to learn all the capabilities of this mobile live broadcast app for live video transmission using cellular bonding technology and HEVC encoding.

TVU Anywhere is used by hundreds of media organizations and mobile journalists to transmit live news and sports in a flexible and scalable way.  It also allows to safely live stream professional content remotely.

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