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How to create a new channel in TVU Channel

You can use TVU Channel Workbench interface to create a new channel.

To create a new channel:

  1. In the Workbench interface, click Create a Channel to start a new channel.
  2. Click the Power icon to stop or restart a channel.
  1. Open a Chrome web browser and enter https://www.channel.tvunetworks.com. Then, press Enter to enter the Workbench.
  2. In Workbench, click Create a Channel.
  3. In the Create a Channel pop-up, enter a Channel Name.
  4. Click the Format drop-down menu and select a format for the video resolution and framerate.
  5. Click the  button.
  6. Hover the mouse over your newly created channel and click  to start programming.

Note: To return to the Workbench from TVU Channel, click your channel name on the top left of the screen. To change your channel settings, click the  in the top-right corner of your new channel to open the Settings pop-up window.

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About TVU Channel

TVU Channel is a cloud streaming service created by TVU Networks that completely revolutionizes creating, managing, operating, and monetizing a 24/7 digital channel. Using cellular bonding and low latency features, broadcasters & producers alike can manage remote productions and multi-camera live streaming with ease. Our zero infrastructure environment has massively reduced the time, cost, and complexity of creating custom channels. In addition to creating new content channels, many broadcasters use Channel as a backup for their television stations’ Master Control.

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