Flowics Graphics Integrates With TVU Producer Cloud-Based Live Streaming and Video Production Platform

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NEW YORK and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. Aug. 23, 2022 — Flowics, creator of the most comprehensive platform for powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content, and TVU Networks, the market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, today announced a new technology partnership. The two companies completed a native integration of the Flowics Graphics cloud-based graphics engine into the TVU Producer cloud-based production tool, resulting in simpler, more flexible, broadcast quality  instant live graphics from a single interface. After user verification, the familiar Flowics remote control interface appears as an active window inside TVU Producer.

TVU Producer is a cloud-based, multi-camera, live production platform that enables production teams to store and access their production workflows over the internet instead of locally on a computer hard drive — which means they can call up their productions anytime and anywhere.

“This native integration between TVU Producer and Flowics Graphics is a prime example of the continued improvements we’re making to this platform,” said Rafael Castillo, vice president and general manager for EMEA and Latin America, TVU Networks. “Because the integration is natively run, Flowics Graphics’ users get to enjoy the same interface they’re familiar with. There is zero retraining or downtime. We’re thrilled to expand TVU Producer’s capabilities with the power and feature set of Flowics Graphics, particularly its streamlined approach of incorporating social media data into live, remote production.”

Traditional and digital broadcasters across all verticals (news, sports, entertainment, etc.) rely on TVU Producer as the key component in their workflows. With this integration, graphics operators and producers can now control Flowics Graphics directly from the TVU Producer interface, making it possible to create live graphic overlays with Flowics Graphics and insert them into live productions without having to leave the TVU Producer platform.

“This integration with TVU Producer is further proof that Flowics Graphics works seamlessly with different platforms and production environments,” said Flowics CEO and founder Gabriel Baños. “Together we are simplifying how content production teams, whether digital or linear, make live video production from the cloud, controlling both video and graphics sources from a single dashboard that unifies the interfaces of both tools. The integration also gives TVU Producer users new capabilities and graphic options from the TVU Producer interface.”

More information about TVU Networks can be found at www.tvunetworks.com. More information about TVU Producer can be found at www.tvunetworks.com/products/tvu-producer.

More information about Flowics and Flowics Graphics can be found at www.flowics.com.

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