TVU Networks Leading the Cloud & IP- based Live Video Markets

TVU is a market leader with a large majority of news broadcast stations using its IP video solutions for the acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution, and video content management. Broadcast & Film interviewed Subodh Aggarwal, Senior Director Solutions, SAMEA/APAC, TVU Networks & Hanumantha Rao Madala, Senior Sales Director of South Asia, TVU Networks.

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Subodh Aggarwal, Senior Director Solutions SAMEA/APAC, TVU Networks


Tell us about your current role and your journey in the broadcast industry

Subodh Aggarwal:I am working as a Sr. Director Solutions SAMEA/APAC at TVU Networks. I started my journey in the Broadcast industry 13 years ago when we started first with an IP based contribution from a remote location in India. Over the decade ,the changes were perpetually seen in the Broadcast industry where IP was used only for acquisition and now the entire workflow of broadcast industry is moving towards cloud be it a contribution, production or distribution

How has the growth been for TVU Networks in emerging markets like India? How do you compare the growth with markets in other parts of Asia?

Subodh Aggarwal : TVU Networks has grown more than 200% in last 3 years after we started our own entity “TVU Networks India Pvt. Ltd.” With on board of premium customers like ANI They distribute their content 24X7 to all News channel across the country over IP using TVU grid. As after the onset of pandemic we see lot of interest on cloud solutions. TVU already have plenty of cloud-based solutions for end-to-end workflow for News/Sports industry. Therefore, we foresee tremendous growth in coming years. It is obvious that India is imbibing Cloud ecosystem and all the broadcasters (News/TV/Sports) are moving towards the same. Therefore, India is a big potential market.

Tell us about the products that TVU offers for cloud production, remote production, and cloud broadcast combined with IP video transmission and distribution.

Subodh Aggarwal : The entire media supply chain is migrating to the cloud at an accelerated pace, bringing a dramatic shift to the industry. TVU’s full-process point-to-point lightweight production and broadcasting cloud-native solutions include TVU Partyline , TVU ProducerTVU MediasourceTVU Remote Commentator , TVU Channel and TVU Replay.
For the convenience of video signals uploading and downloading from or to the cloud in REMI mode, our various IP video transmission and distribution products play an important role, including: TVU OneTVU TransceiverTVU G-LinkTVU RPSTVU RouterTVU Anywhere, etc., Those can easily realize multi-camera signal synchronous remote transmission, local and cloud mutual transmission and global distribution.

Based on an analysis of key measures and product usage from thousands of customers across all business sectors including media, sports, and entertainment, TVU Networks has seen a 243% increase in its SaaS of 2021 over 2020.

Hanumantha Rao Madala, Senior Sales Director of South Asia, TVU Networks

Tell us about your current role and your journey in the broadcast industry

Hanumantha Rao:I am working as a Senior Director of Sales South Asia at TVU Networks. I started my journey in the Broadcast Industry 27 years ago when Analog signal processing was popular and a high skill set was required to install a multi camera Setup, Big VTRs and end-to-end workflow was manual. A complete transponder was used on SCPC mode to Broadcast a satellite channel. Gradually the Broadcast Industry transitioned from Analog to digital and Digital to IP with a lot of flexibility to modify the signal as per requirement. Telecom sector supported well to implement IP Connectivity between HQ to Bureaus and later data card based mobile units for live Production from the field where TVU is a leader. Last decade Broadcast Industry was already well on the road to IP and cloud, and these capabilities have vastly improved the flexibility and efficiency of IP workflow.

Major broadcast brands have seen a big inorganic growth with its acquisition of leading broadcast brands in the past few years. What is going to be the business strategy for TVU Networks? Is there any major acquisitions plan on the anvil to acquire competing brands?

Hanumantha Rao : Regarding business strategy, TVU has the world’s leading 4G/5G-based video transmission technology for years of accumulation and the overall production and broadcasting solution based on cloud native architecture. TVU will continue to focus on various video transmission in the pan-media industry, consolidating its dominant position in this traditional field. At the same time, TVU’s overall solution will be fully integrated with cloud services to adapt to the development trend of the media industry, that means we will help the media to quickly shift from asset-heavy operations to lightweight cloud-based production and broadcasting.

About acquisitions, we have also been looking for suitable targets to achieve mutual advantages complement, which can help us establish product and market advantages in future competition, rather than selecting similar players for mergers and acquisitions just to expand the scale for now.

In addition to acquisitions, another way for us to expand our scale and enhance our competitiveness is to cooperate with upstream and downstream of the industry. For example, we have fully cooperated with Qualcomm and operators to ensure our absolute leadership in video transmission. Please see the following reports:
TVU Networks Powers China Unicom 8K Over 5G Demonstration;
Together let’s make ultra-high-definition live broadcasts in any scene;
How 5G lowers the barriers for live broadcasts;
Nilesat and TVU Networks Expand Partnership, Contribution and Transmission Service to Customers in Africa.

On the other hand, we also connect our own cloud SaaS workflow with the business of our partners to achieve a win-win situation and benefit both customers. Some cases as follows:
TVU Partners with Vimond to Integrate Real-Time, Cloud-Based Editing within TVU Ecosystem;
JVC Provides Seamless Access to TVU Ecosystem with CONNECTED CAM Cameras;
TVU Networks and InPlayer Partner to Create Complete Production, Streaming and Monetization Workflow
TVU Networks Partners with Blackbird to Integrate Cloud-Native, Real-Time Editing Into TVU Producer
Laminar Global Partners with TVU Networks to Provide Heightened OTT Coverage for Live Sports Content Creators

Is there any focussed business strategy to grow the markets in India post Covid? Which sector are you looking at to grow the business in India?

Hanumantha Rao : Covid crisis brings forth new mediums or technologies in the media Industry to cater to the needs of the situation. TVU Networks has provided free support to the broadcast industry during the pandemic..

Yes, we are looking at two sectors: Media and Sports

News Media: Anchoring, Guest, Production, Newsroom workflows, digital workflows, including social media and web distributions are still being done remotely. We will help the media with TVU technology, Our cloud based playout has a great potential for DR sites/Digital channels.

Sports industry is exploring the options for budgetary control methods:TVU technology offers solution for Remote Production, Router, Remote commentator, Partyline and Producer, etc.

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