How to use the Video Synchronization feature in TVU Producer

Use the TVU Producer video synchronization feature for multi-angle frame synchronized output

Use TVU Producer to synchronize up to 4 video sources and switch between them for frame synchronized output. This video synchronization demonstration uses TVU Anywhere iOS device sources.

1. Open TVU Producer. 
2. Add 2 TVU Anywhere iOS device sources shooting the same subject from different angles to your source panel.
Note that the two camera angles are automatically synchronized in the Producer user interface. This allows the operator in the cloud can make very accurate decisions about when to cut from one source to another.
3. Click the Video Cut button in the Producer interface to switch from one camera angle to another for a frame synchronized output

The TVU Producer video synchronization feature supports up to 4 sources allowing the operator to switch between them all with frame synchronized accuracy.

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About TVU Producer

Visit TVU Producer page to learn all the capabilities of this live cloud-based video production solution, requiring no hardware or software installation.

TVU Producer is used by both amateurs and industry professionals to produce thousands of live events remotely. It also includes multi-camera live streaming, graphic overlays, video recording and simultaneous output to social media platforms, CDN and SDI for flexible content output.

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