IBC 2018: TVU Networks MediaMind Platform gives AI turbo boost to how operators Get, Make and Share live video

Automated AI workflow platform delivers next generation metadata driven acquisition, production and distribution for video content

BARCELONA – July 17, 2018 – TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, today announced that visitors to its IBC stand (2.B28) will be able to see a sweep of innovative live video solutions, including the Artificial Intelligence driven TVU MediaMind Platform, which potentially changes how content can be produced and consumed.

The core of the MediaMind Platform is TVU’s unique metadata-driven workflow engine. Combining real-time speech, object and face recognition with TVU’s real-time search engine, users are able to find the video assets most relevant to the story which they are covering. With its open API, TVU MediaMind Platform is able to integrate with many solutions from its partners, including Panasonic and Associated Press ENPS. As part of the newly formed Enabled Media Symposium, TVU has collaborated with a group of major industry vendors and broadcasters to further the AI application in video production process.

“At IBC we will be demonstrating solutions that deliver real ROI benefits today, as well as pointing towards an AI-led future for broadcast acquisition, production and distribution,” said Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks. “We look forward to demonstrating at IBC how our customers can embrace the exciting AI-driven changes that are about to revolutionize the media industry.”

The TVU IBC 2018 booth is designed to showcase TVU’s industry leading capabilities in the following areas:

Get: Demonstrating intelligent media acquisition. Products on show include: the industry leading field transmitter TVU One, which supports HEVC and utilizes TVU’s patented Inverse IS+ (StatMux Plus) transmission algorithm to transmit HD quality video with half-second latency; the TVU MLink cellular 3G/4G LTE, satellite and microwave live video uplink transmitter; the TVU Router, a portable broadband Internet access point that can provide over 200Mbps of secure, reliable, high-speed wireless Internet connectivity anywhere and the TVU Anywhere mobile app, to contribute content using a smartphone with turbo-boosted connectivity through bonding Wifi and cellular, enabling broadcasters to work anywhere without sacrificing the benefits of the studio. These solutions were deployed by hundreds of broadcasters at this summer’s’ major football tournament, as well as enabling VR 360 video coverage of the Congressional Cup yacht race and footage from a motorbike and a taxi for France Televisions coverage of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding. TVU CAS, as part of the TVU MediaMind platform, automates the entire acquisition process. It integrates with all the discrete workflow and functional modules, to create a seamless and automated acquisition process. This ensures all the video assets are produced timely and made available to rest of the production process automatically.

Make: Solutions include cloud-based and remote production demonstrations featuring TVU Producer, a cloud-based live event production system that minimizes the complexity and cost of covering live video events from any location and the TVU Remote Production System, best cost-efficient solution on the market capable of synchronizing up to 6 HD SDI signals over the standard internet without any OB vans, ideal for second and third football leagues tournaments.

Share: This section of the TVU IBC stand shows how to stream, distribute and monetize video through its innovative video marketplace, TVU Grid, that enables broadcasters to acquire live video from different sources and seamlessly distribute it to thousand Grid-enabled locations, as exemplified by major US broadcast networks such as CNN, which uses TVU Grid to make live video accessible to selected TV station partners.

Making Solid Connections from Remote, War-Torn and Storm-Affected Locations by Leveraging Proven Internet Technology

Samaritan’s Purse Delivers Time-Critical Video Communication using Combined Connectivity and Transmission Strength of TVU Router and TVU One

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – July 9, 2018 – Based in Boone, North Carolina, the video division of international relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse travels to the furthest corners of the world to chronicle the organization’s aid to victims of war, disease, disaster, poverty, famine and persecution. Producing videos from the locations and distributing them immediately keep those affected by devastating events top of mind during and beyond the traditional news coverage.

Delivering large video files quickly from often remote places torn apart by hurricanes, floods, and war has never been simple for Samaritan’s Purse. Internet connections, if they exist, are usually spotty at best. Uploading large files from these locations can be next to impossible.

“We have to produce our content quickly,” said Ben Cranor, Engineering Manager of the Broadcast Department of Samaritan’s Purse. “While events are in the news cycle, we need to communicate immediately ways in which people can help.”

While searching for ways to solve their uploading issues, Cranor and his team discovered TVU Networks’ TVU Router. TVU Router is a software option on the TVU One live mobile IP newsgathering transmitter that delivers high bandwidth Internet connectivity – up to 200Mbps – from practically anywhere. It provides high speed, two-way data transmission connection for transferring and receiving files, video streaming, and web browsing from a laptop or smart mobile device. TVU One with HEVC compression can deliver HD quality video with half-second latency at 3Mbps. It can transmit simultaneously over multiple mediums, including cellular, microwave, satellite, BGAN, WiFi and Ethernet.

“Now, we can upload video footage from places where, normally, we’d have little to no Internet, where it would be difficult at best to get a large, video file back to home base,” added Cranor.

TVU Router is also used any time a critical upload is expected. For example, when the organization is making a statement from a site with limited internet capability that will be dispersed on social media, TVU Router is used to insure the communication is delivered reliably online.

TVU Router has also proved invaluable in less remote locations. During a large event in a major city in the U.S., Samaritan’s Purse used TVU Router to supply Internet access to its technical team to save costs for high fees for Internet access.

“TVU Router has been a huge time save and stress reliever during crucial upload times,” explained Cranor. “At the very least, we’re able to increase our upload speed. But more than that, we can upload files from places we’d normally not be able to send anything at all. In some locations, the cell networks work adequately, but getting Internet with plugged-in Ethernet connectivity is impossible. With TVU Router, we’re able to use a combination of existing cell networks and several SIM cards to get a connection to send very large files very quickly.”

According to Cranor, the system has been plug-and-play. Once the unit is turned on, they begin uploading files. When they’ve required any configuration from the field, Cranor reports that TVU customer service responded and fixed issues over the phone immediately.

Cranor and his team have been impressed with the improvements in terms of bandwidth and stability to TVU Router over the course of the past year. “We can’t wait to see even more increased transfer speeds and additional functions in the future.”

TVU Networks has over 2,500 customers in more than 85 countries. The TVU Networks family of IP transmission and live production solutions gives broadcasters and organizations a powerful and reliable workflow to distribute live video content to broadcast, online and mobile platforms. TVU has become a critical part of the operations of many major media companies. The TVU Networks suite of solutions has been used to acquire, transmit, produce, manage and distribute professional-quality live IP HD footage as an integral part of news, sports and major global events.

Video Production Company Reduces Location Costs, Increases Revenue-Generating Opportunities and Turnaround Time

Detroit-based JPI deploys TV Networks’ RPS for multi-camera, remote live production

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA– July 2, 2018 –  Joseph Productions, Inc. (JPI), a Detroit-based media production company, recently turned to TVU RPS (Remote Production System) to increase efficiency for its high-end live event and corporate meeting video productions. Many of JPI’s clientele, ranging from corporations and live event producers to local sports and news broadcasters, faced limited budgets and were looking for ways to reduce costs and shorten turnaround time.

WithTVU RPS, JPI can send multiple cameras and camera operators into the field and contributes up to six synchronized camera feeds over the commodity internet back to their in-house control room for switching, and the addition of graphics, effects, text and other production elements. The TVU RPS transmitter transmits high-quality and low-latency IP video from the remote location to a studio-based TVU receiver.The receiver, in turn, outputs six synchronized SDI outputs. TVU RPS includes extensive support for: 16 channel AES/EBU embedded SDI audio, Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and the ability to set channel priorities.

“Previously, when we’d shoot a live event from a trade show, for example, there’d be costs involved with transporting our satellite truck, paying the crew to setup and strike the truck, electrical and cabling charges, plus the time involved in travel to and from,” explained Josh Kowal, Assistant General Manager, JPI. “We wanted to produce events quickly without having to set a control room up on site at each location. We knew there had to be a way to use our in-house control room that would save a significant amount of set up, travel time, and equipment costs.”

JPI turned to TVU RPS. With this system, producers can utilize in-house staff and equipment at the studio, saving significant cost in producing a remote, multi-camera live shot.

“Now, the entire production crew isn’t needed on site,” said Kowal. “With RPS, we only need to send one A/V technician with a camera to produce live stream video globally. We can offer our customers more competitive pricing. We’d been relying on satellite transmission for the same services in the past, which can be expensive. Plus, now we have less logistics involved with getting crew to other states. TVU RPS has effectively eliminated our travel and satellite costs. We no longer need satellite time, production trucks or satellite trucks. Our footprint of doing remote production is much smaller with RPS.”

Kowal believes there are several other types of production that could utilize RPS, including crisis communication when responses are needed immediately; streaming executive reactions when new cars come off the line for its automaker clientele; and nationally coordinated events from multiple locations that are coordinated into one stream.

JPI used its RPS unit for the first time during the LA Auto Show to live stream a 30-minute new car ‘reveal’ from a Tier 1 automaker to the auto show’s media partner Yahoo Live and to live viewing parties for corporate employees. The live stream was sent around the world, with just two JPI crew on site in Los Angeles. JPI has also used RPS at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit to cover live events for local broadcasters.

JPI combines live event and corporate meeting production capabilities with global transmission, high-speed WiFi access, advanced cloud streaming, audience analytics and graphic design services.

TVU Networks has over 2,500 customers in more than 85 countries. The TVU Networks family of IP transmission and live production solutions gives broadcasters and organizations a powerful and reliable workflow to distribute live video content to broadcast, online and mobile platforms. TVU has become a critical part of the operations of many major media companies. The TVU Networks suite of solutions has been used to acquire, transmit, produce, manage and distribute professional-quality live IP HD footage as an integral part of news, sports and major global events. For more information about TVU Networks solutions, please visit www.tvunetworks.com.